CE Mark certification support (LVD and MD):

  • selection of applicable directives
  • selection of applicable standards
  • certification plan preparation
  • test plan preparation
  • design review
  • support in tests execution either execution the tests by DCS
  • test report preparation
  • engineering analysis preparation
EMC and RED support:
  • design review (schematic review, pcb review, control cabinets review)
  • expert knowledge in following standards: EN 61000-6-1, EN 61000-6-2, EN 61000-6-3, EN 61000-6-4, EN 61439-1, EN 61800-3, EN 61326-1, CISPR 11, CISPR 22 and others
  • certification approach selection for CE Mark, Marine Agencies (DNV,GL, ABS, RINA etc.) and others
  • proper standards selection support
  • test plan preparation
  • performance criteria definitions
  • EMC / RED tests execution
  • EMC / RED trouble fixing
  • EMC / RED test reports preparation
  • EMC / RED assessment preparation
Customized EMC Trainings : 
  • EMC directive approach, harmonized standards requirements
  • EMC tests execution, result analysis
  • Design for EMC compliance (schematics, layout, component selection)
Customized EMC Filters:

Depends on attenuation level, the filters are split in to:

  • basic attenuation (do 10dB), typ B 
  • medium attenuation (10 - 20 dB), typ M
  • strong attenuation (20 - 40 dB) , typ S

Depends on disturbance type, the filters are split in to:

  • common mode filters, type CM
  • differential filters, type DM
  • common mode and differential mode filters: type AM

Depends on frequency range, the filters are split in to:

  • 150kHz - 30MHz, type I 
  • 30MHz - 100MHz, type II
  • 100MHz - 500 MHz, type III

Depends on working currents, the filters are split in to:

  • 0A - 5A,  type A1
  • 5A - 10A, type A2
  • 10A - 30A, type A3
  • 30A - 60A, type A4

Depends on terminal type, the filters are split in to: :

  • screw, type SC
  • connector, type CN
  • plug, type ST

To order required filter all information above shall be present as in example below: 
An example for attenuation 40dB for frequency 50MHz common mode disturbance, working current 2.5A with screw connection:

Filter name: SCMIIA1SC

  1. Per customer request we deliver filter characteristics.
  2. Filters are measured according to CISPR 17:2011.
  3. Filters are compliant with immunity requirements for EN 61326-1:2012.